U.S. Guide to Air Travel with an Assistance Dog

The guide has moved. Please visit the up-to-date version here!

8 responses to “U.S. Guide to Air Travel with an Assistance Dog

    • I’m very happy to assist PWDs and assistance dog handlers. Travel is so stressful if one isn’t practiced, so I wrote a guide I wished I had when I first started. If your community members have any requests to make the guide more accessible, please feel free to let me know.

  1. This is a great guide, and I’ve shared it with a FB page for K9s For Warriors graduates (disabled veterans with service dogs…like me and Freedom, my SD). In the guide it mentions a few things, like no-cost SD bags, TSA assistance escorts, carrying water for the SD, etc. For these very specific tips, I didn’t find specific references. I did follow the links to the regulations and websites, but was unable to find the very specific references for these specific issues. Listing those specific references as you talk about the specific issues would be very helpful. Thank you again for such a fantastic guide!

    • Thanks so much for your feedback!

      If I can get my hands on a document that’s linkable to sections like the new relief zone rule, I will insert footnotes with links to the relevant rules. Until then, we have to make do with my highlighted version of the ACAA, which is a quicker reference but not when you’re on the spot. 🙂 I’ll do some digging to see if I can’t find one since its been a couple of years!

      The TSA escort might be easiest to get by calling the number, as the TSA website can be challenging to navigate.

      I’ll ping your website if I manage to find a link-sectioned version of the ACAA.

    • Jim Kuiken, I still can’t find a source that’s linkable to line by line, but I did highlight and add an ACAA FAQ that’s found on the DOT site. It’s a bit easier to parse for some of the issues that arise. See links under the “Laws” section of the guide. 🙂 Merry Christmas

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  3. Good to know about delta. I flew in Oct a
    2015 on united with my service dog, and had a horrible trip to my destination. Most of which involved not assisting me to the relief area for my dog. Interesting that as of 10/5/2015 they need to have an a relief area within the sterile area. Denver needs to get it together on that one.

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