C’est la vie

One might presume that planning a move across the country would be tiresome. Seeing to the infinite details, from the 5000 mile road trip to the mundane DMVs and new doctors, to the back burner excitement/anxiety combo of a new scene, has left me more wired than exhausted. Now that itself tiresome, at least psychologically.

The move is a bit sudden and I’ve had to cancel plans for New Years and my birthday. I won’t be attending the super hype Smite World Championship, to which I’ve looked forward all year. I’ll also be delaying my Smite community article until I can spare the proper attention and love I wish to shower on it (February). I’ll miss all of you crazy e-sports fans, many of whom I was hoping to greet!

Along my route, however, I’ll be stopping to see old friends and am looking forward to seeing a new friend’s face for the first time. A friend is also helping me on my adventure. Being locked in a car for 8 days with someone tends to bring out one’s best and worst. Experiencing that with a friend is an adventure in and of itself. I’m lucky to have the opportunity!

My brain won’t shut off unless it’s dulled with migraine. When I go to bed, I comb over general game plans until I pass out. This has lent itself to weird dreams, and most of them are pleasant. Nightmares seem to home right in on that sense of security and turn it inside out every once in a while.

Nightmares stalk the clouds
Open eyes cannot unsee
The shadows of dreams

Tonight was one of those nights, and I’m so glad for my dogs. Their concerned ignorance of it all reminds me to just chill and look forward to both the journey and the destination.